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Setting the standards for others to follow...

Our extensive training provision is what sets us apart from the rest. The programme has been continuously developing since the Company's inception, and it continues to evolve even today. The aim of such comprehensive training is to increase the safety of our employees, our customers and the general public and as a consequence reduce risk- providing peace of mind to all.

All new employees attend our `Training School` no matter how much previous experience they may have. They are taken under the wing of one of our full-time training officers and given full health and safety induction prior to intensive training, which runs into weeks rather than days and is delivered as appropriate based upon continuous assessment. Refresher training for existing operatives is also core principal of the ongoing programme.

Our Chief Training Officer is a qualified RTITB & ALLMI Instructor and our  training leads to  operatives gaining the nationally recognised and industry leading ALLMI Lorry Loader certification. All operatives attend and are required to pass a touch-screen health and safety test as part of their training and then at regular intervals during their employment.

As part of specific contracts we have with clients some of our operatives have ADR (Dangerous Goods transportation) certification and some have rail-side PTS (Personal Track Safety) certificates. We also work in partnership with a number of our clients to establish training requirements for specific products.

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