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David Watson Transport Limited recognises in full its responsibilities in respect of environmental protection, and accepts that it should constitute a fundamental element in company procedures and long-term strategy. Managers at all levels of the company are required to maintain the company's environmental policy. All employees are made aware of the company environmental policy and are encouraged to abide by it.

The company will comply with all existing environmental legislation and, beyond that; where possible and practicable, will implement other environmentally advantageous policies. In particular, the company will:- 

    Only procure new vehicles that comply with the latest EC emission and noise specification

    Control, monitor and reduce the fuel consumption and emission levels of all vehicles. Give consideration to alternative fuels.

    Encourage all employees to have consideration for the environmental, locally and globally.

    Ensure that vehicle weights remain within legal restrictions, limiting damage to highways and the environment.

    Actively consider noise reduction devices for both vehicles and trailers.

    Encourage road safety and good driving practise by providing a high standard of training.

    Encourage greater fuel economy, so reducing emission levels, by providing a high standard of driver training.

    Ensure that all service providers carry out repairs and servicing in an environmentally considerate manner.

    Ensure, and obtain written confirmation from all service providers, that all waste vehicle oil disposal is carried out by a licensed operator specialising in waste oil disposal.

    Return all used tyre casings to the supplier for disposal in an approved and environmentally satisfactory manner.

    Take all reasonable steps to ensure that any hazardous goods carried are properly packaged in accordance with relevant national and international law.

    Use recycled paper and other recycled material wherever it is possible and practicable to do so.

    Recycle used paper and other material wherever it is possible and practicable to do so.

    Wherever possible and practicable, purchase timber products procured from sustainable forests.

    Employ a "green" policy with regard to company vehicles, and encourage staff to do so with privately owned vehicles.

    Encourage all staff to suggest means of reducing damage to the environment wherever possible.

As they become known, the company will consider other environmentally advantageous practices, and take account of local authority and community representations made to it. David Watson Transport Ltd is firmly committed to actively reducing damage to the environment wherever possible and practicable to do so.

The Environmental Policy is reviewed regularly.

Any representations or correspondence should be made to David Watson Transport Ltd Board of Directors.

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