Method statements and risk assessments

Method Statement Lifting Operations Services

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations states that all work-based activities that have significant risks attached must be assessed, and the identified risks must be eliminated or reduced so as to pose no further risk. This means conducting a risk assessment and method statement.

The Method Statement and Risk Assessment

Where significant risks remain after completing the risk assessment, a Safe System of Work (Method Statement) must be compiled. The method statement and risk assessment clearly shows how the people involved in the task should accommodate the residual risk and complete the task safely.

Where the tasks are regular and repetitive, the Safe System of Work may be recorded as a generic document that requires periodic review or revision when circumstances change significantly. For other tasks that are usual or ‘one-offs’ a site-specific method statement lifting plan must be produced.

Method Statement Construction Plans

David Watson Transport, one of the leading transport companies in the UK, has many years’ experience and expertise in compiling risk assessments and method statement lifting plans. They can conduct site visits, perform risk assessments and compile site specific method statement construction plans as a stand-alone service or included as part of a one-stop-shop for a conducted lifting operation.

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