David Watson Transport’s New Powerhouse Truck – Goliath


David Watson Transport’s New Powerhouse Truck – Goliath

Kicking off 2024 with a new (and very brightly coloured) edition to the DWT fleet. Meet Goliath, the new 8×4 beast hitting the roads. The FH16, is designed for demanding tasks that require extra power and torque. Crafted for heavy-duty assignments its D16 engine ensures optimal performance and fuel efficiency – perfect for the jobs Goliath will be tasked with. The FH16 provides a cabin designed for ultimate comfort, space and utility – ideal for those long hauls and journeys.

With up to 780 hp, sturdy axles and a comfortable cab, the FH16 is an all-around beast of a truck. The Volvo FH16, with its fuel efficiency and massive torque, is the perfect match for heavy transports and demanding assignments, thanks to the D17, the most powerful engine ever put in a Volvo truck. So, why isn’t this truck the same colour as the rest of the fleet? The stand-out orange colour of this truck are the demo colours from Volvo. With an eye-catching design already on the truck, all that was left was to add the DWT signage and number plate. Since this is a flagship truck now part of the DWT fleet, it was a great idea to have this standout from the rest and make a bold statement when hitting the roads.


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