Making a Grand Entrance: Our Drivers Take Their Kids to Prom in Style

Now that prom season has arrived, a few of our drivers decided to celebrate their children’s milestone in a memorable way. Rather than opting for the traditional limousine or luxury car, our drivers chose to transport their kids to prom in their trucks.Each truck making an eye-catching appearance rolling up to the prom venue. Its not every day you get to turn up to your own prom in an 8×4 Artic truck.

The reactions from partners and onlookers were priceless, it was clear that these trucks made a lasting impression. It’s a reminder that our work is not just about transporting goods from point A to point B; it’s about the people behind the wheel. We are proud of our drivers for their creativity and making prom night a truly special occasion for their kids.

To all the drivers who took part, thank you for sharing this moment with us. To the students, we hope you had a great prom night and one to remember.

Driver: Gary McCulloch

Gary and his Son turning up to Prom in a bright orange 8×4 FH16 is certainly one way to make an entrance to your school Prom!

Driver: Lee Ayling

Lee, took his truck to Churchill Park Academy, for his daughter’s Prom. Churchill Park Academy is a special school in Norfolk, UK, providing education for children and young people with complex needs. The truck was a huge attraction for those in attendance and drew in a lot of curious attention from the children.

Driver: Richard Hudson

Richard and his daughter arriving at Prom in his Scania S500 6×2 Artic truck. Polished and pristine to perfection. A fantastic entrance by all means.


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