Slinger signaller

CPCS Slinger Signaller

In addition to a crane or machine operator, any worksite which has mechanical lifting taking place is required to have a CPCS Slinger Signaller - or CPCS Slinger Banksman, as they are also known – performing certain duties which increase the accuracy and safety of the job being performed.
The Slinger Signaller is responsible for:
Guiding loads using two-way radios or pre-determined hand signals;
Determining the safety of the load landing area;
Assessing the weights of loads prior to lifting; and 
Ensuring that the correct slings or chains are used for particular tasks.
The Slinger Banksman is required to hold a CPCS competency card. As the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) have decided that only plant operators and Slinger Signallers who hold a CPCS operators ticket will work on their sites, it is essential to ensure that only those holding CPCS Slinger Banksman qualifications perform work on your behalf.
As one of the leading haulage companies in the UK, here at David Watson Transport we have CPCS and ALLMI qualified Slinger Signallers available to perform these duties when you have nobody available with the relevant knowledge and experience.
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