FORS Gold For The 9th Year In A Row

Achieving FORS Gold for the 9th year in a row is huge accomplishment all-around. Everyone has played their part in helping to reach the Gold standard. Being FORS Gold benefits us all – from winning business, customer retentions, reducing risk & more. The combined efforts of everyone have secured us another year of this accreditation. Certain sites and companies now require fleets to be FORS Gold accredited to operate on their premises – this immediately puts us at an
advantage over fleets that are not FORS Gold. As a result of this accomplishment, we have increased our client base and  workload, leading to expansion of our fleet.

What are the benefits of being FORS Gold?

FORS Gold accreditation will progressively drive more efficiencies across our business, making us safer, smarter and greener.

Customers will see that we’re committed to continual improvement, while also contributing to and investing in our own safety and sustainability.

FORS is a guarantee of best practice across our business, FORS Gold is an increasingly useful tool for winning tenders and contracts.

How Does This Give Us An Advantage?

Transport for London (TfL) announces the implementation of new stipulations for fleet services. Commencing in April 2024, all contracts falling under the purview of the Greater London Authority Group, with a valuation surpassing £1 million, will be mandated to be FORS Gold accredited. We also have access to a wide range of benefits and discounts provided as part of the FORS scheme, including the funded training and discounted products through the FORS Associates.

Being FORS Gold operators enables us to demonstrate this to our peers, existing and potential customers. It demonstrates that we are committed to safety and doing what we can to protect vulnerable road users and improving the overall image of professionalism within the industry. We will continue to embrace the principles of the standard to ensure that our company is one of the best in the industry and to help attract new talent to the industry.


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