Working Together for a Greener Future


Like us, your company is working towards a safer, more sustainable future. We can support your environmental goals by complying with all existing legislation and going beyond to further protect our planet. All of our activities and services are examined to identify any environmental aspects and impacts, along with appropriate controls and measures to prevent or reduce the impact to acceptable levels. If there are changes to our activities or services, then the environmental aspects and impacts are re-assessed.

Setting New Standards

To maintain the highest standards of safety, efficiency and sustainability we are committed to measuring the impact we make to our environment, monitoring our Carbon Emissions and continuing to improve performance in all areas of our business at the same time. We have a reputation in our industry for setting standards for others to follow, and our aim is to build on this reputation with our ‘green’ policies and procedures.

A Positive Effect on the Environment

As FORS Gold operators, all of our drivers attend the LoCITY training course, which focuses on minimising the environmental impact of HGVs by reducing emissions through the use of fuel-efficient driving techniques, cleaner vehicles and alternative fuel technologies. We also have workplace travel plans in place to reduce mileage, emissions and promote alternative modes of transport. These are just some examples where we are making a real difference to our environment.

Embracing Change

We are always looking to implement other practices to strengthen our environmental strategy, such as:

  • To only procure new vehicles that comply with the latest EC emission and noise specification
  • To consider alternative fuels like plug-in hybrids for our company cars
  • The introduction of an Emergency Spill Response drill during our driver induction programme
  • Continuing to work with our service providers, contractors and suppliers to promote sustainability
  • Committing to purchasing from local suppliers in order to support the local economies in which we operate whenever possible Continuing to work on our environmental objectives and targets
  • Looking at further ways to minimise paper usage and to use recycled paper and other recycled material wherever possible and practicable to do so
  • To continue to maintain and enhance our Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO14001:2015 standard

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

In 2020 we obtained our ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) accreditation. We commenced working towards ISO14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems) for our head office at Earls Colne and gained our certification in September 2021. We promoted our QHSE Manager from within our organisation who works alongside our environmental representatives from across the organisation to promote our commitment to focus on our environmental objectives.

It’s All in the Detail

Click below to read our full Environmental Policy


It’s All in the Detail

Click below to read our full Environmental Policy



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