As a leading provider of specialist transport and lifting services to a wide range of industry sectors, we take our role and market position extremely seriously.  We regularly assess our policies, procedures and practices, with emphasis on health and safety, quality, environment and corporate responsibilities.  We are proud to be associated with key industry organisations and hold important accreditations, giving you confidence in our ability to meet and exceed the required standards.


At David Watson Transport, we commenced our journey working towards ISO 9001:2015 for our Head Office at Earls Colne in July 2019, working alongside Assent Risk Management and choosing BSI to be our certification partner throughout our ISO accreditation journey. We successfully gained our ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Quality Management System Accreditation in February 2020. We’re committed to meeting, and exceeding, these requirements secure a prosperous future and sets a unique standard for others to follow. We are committed to continuing to meet all compliance obligations including contractual, statutory, legal, and others of relevance on our journey of ISO accreditation.


Following our success of gaining ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Quality Management System Accreditation we decided to continue our ISO journey by commencing working towards ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) Environmental Management Systems for our Head Office at Earls Colne, again partnering with Assent Risk Management and BSI as the accrediting body. We are working eagerly towards our EMS with an ambitious expectation to gain the accreditation by August 2021 or sooner! Please continue to follow us on our ISO journey.


We’ve been FORS members almost since the standard started, and Gold accredited for the last 5+ years. This is the standard required of hauliers that although originated in London is now rolled out across many cities across the UK and is becoming more and more of a requirement. In recent times, FORS have increased their audit regime to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold – we have to pass three Bronze audits per year to be able to submit information online for both Silver and Gold. Just getting Bronze without any non-compliance is challenging in itself, so you can imagine how much tougher Silver and Gold are. Our last Bronze audit was passed without any Major or Minor non-compliances, in fact, without even an Observation!


Not an accreditation but a kind of ‘club’ – you can’t be in it unless you hold at least FORS Silver, and to be FORS Gold you must join the scheme and have a CLOCS Champion within the business. The Construction Logistics and Community Safety scheme are about improving safety in the vicinity of construction sites. Developing traffic plans, reducing congestion and preventing illegal parking are just some of the objectives of CLOCS.


Much of our work involves working on construction sites, and many of the bigger players in that sector insist on their suppliers being registered with Constructionline. Similar to FORS, there are Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditations. To achieve Gold we have to submit a high level of quality documentation, and we have to be able to back that up with evidence that ‘we do what it says on the tin’. It’s a complex process to achieve but we always set our goals high.


A requirement to be a Constructionline Gold accredited company is to undergo a Safety Scheme In Procurement audit, ensuring the company’s health and safety arrangements are fit for purpose.


The Utility industry has its accreditation scheme, managed by Achilles and called the Utilities Vendor Data Base. This is an accreditation that we’ve held for many years, originally at the Verify level, which was satisfactory for a transport company.

But we don’t do satisfactory; we like to set our goals high. We are one of only 3 hauliers in the UK to hold UVDB B2 accreditation, and the ONLY specialist transport company to hold it; even then, Silver Plus level indicates a very high score – we actually achieved 100% in every section of the audit – and that’s without all of the ISO accreditations!

Having such a high level of accreditation gives us the scope to work on power stations, including nuclear, all waterworks sites, all gas sites and many more areas of the utility sector.


The Rail Industry Safety Qualification Scheme is an accreditation that enables us to access information about works coming up within the rail industry. It gives us the scope to work with rail companies moving equipment, cabins etc., and is another facet to our business.


The Fertiliser Industry Assurance Standard is a requirement if a company handles or transports fertilisers, which we do with our articulated fleet, collecting from manufacturing plants and delivering directly to farms.


The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers works within the lorry loader industry to develop standards, legislation and generally raise standards. Representatives of ALLMI attend working groups and meetings in Europe and the UK to have an active involvement in developing best practice from build to installation, to use of lorry loaders. Today’s lorry loaders are unrecognisable from what was available as little as twenty years ago, and all the changes haven’t come about as a result of everybody just agreeing it was a good idea – it was about people from across Europe and writing standards, then reviewing and updating those as technology develops. The result is that today we have much safer equipment to use, and without ALLMI’s input that wouldn’t have happened in the UK.


An extension of ALLMI that came about in 2005, commencing with a small number of lorry loader operating companies getting together to bring about a representation of the end-users of lorry loaders – the transport companies. David Watson Transport Ltd was a founding member of the Operators’ Forum and has been, and continues to be, an active participant since its inception. Our philosophy is to not be led but to lead, so we’ve had the top seat, elected annually, the role of Chair, since the very beginning over a decade ago!


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