On-Site Lifting



If your goods are already on-site and you just need them positioning, removing, or installing but you don’t want the cost of hiring a mobile crane then we can help!


We conduct thousands of lifts every week for our clients. Our sizeable and assorted fleet of vehicles, fitted with a vast range of lifting equipment, is capable of undertaking almost any lifting task. We have remote-controlled cranes from 12tm to 100tm capable of lifting up to 20 tonnes, front-mounted or rear-mounted, 360° capable, and with the addition of fly-jibs we can reach up to 26m. Put simply, we have the right tools for virtually any job. We also have Machinery Installation Teams fully equipped with jacks, skates, and lifting gear and can supply forklifts or Versa-lifts to move your equipment on site.


If you require a product to be lifted and moved but don’t have your own lifting equipment, you have two choices: The first is ‘Hired & Managed’, and the second is ‘Contract Lift’.


Hired & Managed

This is where you hire a lorry loader and driver from us, but you conduct all the planning, production of a lift plan/method statement, confirmation of suitable ground conditions, etc, yourself. To do this you must have a qualified appointed person in your organisation with sufficient lorry loader knowledge and experience to be able to formulate a plan to carry out lifting safely. You must also accept full responsibility for all aspects of the lifting operation, including insurance cover.


Contract Lift

If there is no person within your organisation with the expertise to plan a lifting operation, you must opt for a Contract Lift. In this scenario, we will take full responsibility for all aspects of the lift, except ground conditions. Depending on the complexity of the lift a site survey may be required, although this is unnecessary for many lifting operations. We have several qualified ALLMI Appointed Persons (Lifting Operations) that can make these important planning decisions; with Contract Lift, we take care of everything – you’re in safe hands.


We don’t only place cabins and containers outside; some are required to be housed inside buildings as well. Where headroom or space is limited, restricting the use of a crane, our trained installers will ‘skate’ the object into position and jack down. It makes no odds to us if the cabin or container is 8’ long or 60’, we have the capability to place them all.

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