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From acoustic containers to thermal equipment, drop over canopies to plant room enclosures, modular data centres and UPS containers we have the trucks, trailers and highly skilled drivers you need.


Our specialist work sees us deliver to many different destinations, but none more varied than for our customers in the Acoustics and Engineering sector. As a road transport and lift provider for manufacturers and suppliers to the power generating industry, we deliver to power stations, airports, hospitals, factories, retail stores, data centres and more. From your initial enquiry through to job completion we will demonstrate our expertise both off the road and on. We provide site visits and a full route planning service to ensure your delivery runs smoothly. Our skilled driver/operators, with the use of a remote-controlled crane, are capable of lifting and manoeuvring your load into position, including over obstacles and other structures, without requiring any assistance.


For you, we will tailor our service to meet your exacting requirements, as we do for all our customers in this sector. As an example, every acoustic container designed to house a power generator has given us a new challenge due to its shape, weight, and size. Whilst we deliver some containers fitted with exhaust silencers and roof-mounted inlet attenuators; others feature external cable termination boxes and fuel fill cabinets. Some provide personnel access and are delivered with separate components for cooling; others contain three separate compartments to house a generator, control panel and inboard transformer. We also deliver the containers with, and without, a diesel or gas-powered engine inside.


Clearly, these loads place most acoustic and engineering work in the STGO (Special Types General Order) category. This is why we do so many jobs for your sector. As one of the largest specialist transport and lifting operators in the UK, we are fully equipped to handle loads of all shapes, weights and sizes using our diverse range of vehicle/trailer/crane design combinations. We are one of only a few transport companies that have police dispensation for most of the UK, which means there is no need for us to notify in advance of our journey carrying an abnormal load through different counties. We also operate police-approved escort vehicles, equipped to be in constant communication with your load.

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