Your choice of installation partner is a decision not to be taken lightly. Your work will be under close scrutiny from the general public and you have your reputation and your customer’s reputation to uphold. So what should you look for in your transport and lift provider?


Exterior signage is intended to attract attention. It is high-profile advertising, which promotes a company’s brand, products or services. The installation of such highly visible signs in prime locations is an attraction in itself; often drawing crowds of fascinated onlookers to see the intricacy of the operation! Such high-profile work takes careful planning from people in the know. We have completed many lifting operations for signage companies over the years and are happy to share our experiences with you. We offer expert guidance and advice and can conduct site surveys and complete site-specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments to ensure your job can be delivered safely and efficiently. Our professionalism and direction on-site are second to none, which is a hugely important consideration when we are lifting your signs into position for your fixers to install.


There are a number of companies that offer a specialist transport and lifting service, however, check if their equipment is designed specifically to suit your job’s requirement. From our work in your sector, we know that every project has its own set of criteria dependent on delivery point, site regulations, the size, material and weight of the sign and the fixing location. We have one of the largest specialist transport fleets in the UK, operated by highly skilled drivers and technicians all trained in house to our standard no matter of their previous experience, and our vehicle/trailer/crane design combinations are the most diverse in the industry today.


It is safe to say that we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to be the professional installation partner you seek, and we welcome your call to discuss your requirements. It matters not if your project involves a single site or nationwide roll-out programme, a high rise building or fuel forecourt, retail shop or restaurant, hotel or theme park. What matters is that we enhance your reputation and the reputation of your customer, raising your profiles as we raise your signage.

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