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We are one of three hauliers in the UK to be awarded UVDB Verify Category B2 accreditation. The other two are general hauliers, so as the only specialist transport company to hold this high-level accreditation we are, quite literally, in a league of our own!


The Achilles Utility Vendor Data Base (UVDB) is the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK. As a B2 approved supplier, our policies, practices and procedures are subject to rigorous assessment to ensure we meet the required standards, enabling buyers to procure with complete assurance. Given the high profile of this sector and the substantial penalty charges enforced for non-conformance, your choice of partners is all-important. We tick all the right boxes in health and safety, quality, environment and corporate responsibilities. We provide a completely trouble-free service from initial enquiry, through planning the job, conducting surveys and writing RAMS, to carrying out the deliveries and collections.


We have vast experience with the nation’s Telecom providers for all network services – TV, radio, emergency services, shipping – delivering temporary transmitter units, housed in ISO-style containers. We also transport and offload other communication systems for regional network customers. Most delivery sites, where main transmitter masts are located, are remote and not easily accessible by lorries; it’s challenging work for our drivers, but they enjoy the change of scenery and testing their expert driving skills!


Our involvement with Utility companies is considerable too. We operate in gas and electricity, fresh water and sewage, wind and solar power. We work directly for all the major companies, and their contractors, delivering a variety of wide, tall and heavy loads to locations far and wide. Each job presents its own challenges, and much is safety-critical work – especially when operating within a substation!

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