Machinery takes on many forms, but its movement can only be executed one way, with military precision!
Whilst many loads are difficult to shift due to their weight or size, machines prove even more problematic as there is often no obvious lifting points. Add to this, a machine can be a highly valuable company asset and it becomes clear that this is a job for the experts.


We have years of experience in this specialist sector working for blue-chip clients in manufacturing, construction, rail, aviation, marine…. the list of industries we serve goes on. Such a diverse range of machinery requires a diverse range of transport and lifting equipment. As one of the largest providers in the UK, we are fully equipped to handle your requirements, from a single item to entire factory relocation. Specialised vehicles, with up to 100-tonne metre remote control cranes, jacks, skates and lifting gear are teamed with skilled driver/operators who have the knowledge and experience to remove, transport and install your machinery safely and efficiently.


For a smooth, incident-free outcome, preparation is key. We can arrange on-site meetings to survey the machinery for transportation and provide site-specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments. We then select the vehicle/crane combination that suits perfectly to your job. We also meticulously plan the travel route and identify whether Authority notification or police approved escort vehicles are required. In a nutshell, we manage the whole project for you.


For total peace of mind, let us also arrange insurance tailored to suit your individual requirements. Cover can be provided for every stage of the delivery process and for each operation.

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