You may have an abnormal load to transport, but that doesn’t mean any heavy haulage company is capable of its move, especially if that load is a marine vessel. Marine vessels have one thing in common – they require specialist handling from someone in the know.


Your haulier of choice must be familiar with the marine industry and with your load because there are many kinds of vessels and equipment that need to be moved. Narrow boats, tugs, dredgers, fishing trawlers, cruisers, catamarans, flat bottom barges; lock gates, pontoon bridges, floating docks, scaffold platforms; plus, many more. We make it our job to know how each load type must be supported, balanced, stabilised and secured for safe lifting and transit. As parts of some vessels can be removed or lowered and cargo may or may not be stored in the hold during the journey, we consider what makes the load unique and how the weight should be properly distributed.


We have one of the largest specialist vehicle/trailer/crane fleet combinations in the UK today. Our years of experience working with manufacturers and restorers, commercial and private owners, port authorities and marine trade associations, has given us a deep understanding of your industry’s requirements. Our nationwide network of depots provides a professional, speedy service to UK ports and marinas.


It goes without saying that we have all the necessary credentials to help with your marine-related enquiries, as well as the usual authorisations required for the movement of abnormal loads. In fact, we can go one better than that, as we operate our own fleet of Abnormal Load Escort vehicles and have police dispensation for much of the UK for up to 3.5m wide loads,

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