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We specialise in moving portable cabins, modular buildings and shipping containers. We’ve been doing it for years and it is one of our most requested services. We’re also an active Associate Member of the MPBA (Modular & Portable Building Association).


As one of the UK’s leading cabin and container transport companies, we have an advantage over our competition. Our extensive and varied fleet enables us to allocate the exact equipment for your needs. We assign our smaller vehicles to cabins sized 8’ long x 8’ wide; and our largest to cabins measuring 60’ long x 14’ wide, utilising our rear steering extendable trailers. We also have a large number of vehicles around the UK capable of lifting 360° thanks to the addition of front bumper stabilisers and have vehicles with a reach of up to 26 metres to facilitate the placing of cabins over obstacles and to double/triple-stack or position them end-on.


For large modular building projects, you will be assigned one of our Project Managers who will look after every aspect of your job. Whether it is 20 modular bays or 300 your Project Manager will schedule and program the transport in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible using dedicated vehicles and reducing the total number of days required on-site saving you money. Whilst our highly trained drivers will ensure the safe collection and delivery of your cabins or containers, making sure you are fully satisfied before leaving the site.


We don’t only place cabins and containers outside; some are required to be housed inside buildings as well. Where headroom or space is limited, restricting the use of a crane, our trained installers will ‘skate’ the object into position and jack down. It makes no odds to us if the cabin or container is 8’ long or 60’, we have the capability to place them all.

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